Comprehensive solutions for
companies. Not only in Basel.

We offer companies comprehensive
solutions covering all aspects of quality
language training.

This language training is conducted
flexibly, on-site, in your company,

during office hours or the lunch break,
or in the evening. We cover the greater Basel area and Zurich, without any
additional charges.

Language training

designed for your company

We prepare your employees for new professional challenges. For over 15 years, we have been training in companies of varying sizes in different business sectors in Basel and Zurich. We instruct engineers, scientists, academics, sales people, assistants, executives, managers, skilled workers and many others.

This comprehensive package includes amongst other things:

  • – modern placement testing language school Basel for employees
  • – homogeneous groups of learners language school Basel based on the placement
  • – test results coordinating courses, appointments, trainers and participants

With suitable language training, employees and management staff prepare for their respective tasks. This training could involve the creation of a sound basis in the language, industry-specific language training, examination preparation, or simply the consolidation and expansion of existing skills.

The training is conducted on-site, in your company, unless you want it to take place at our facilities in Basel. We offer one-on-one lessons, as well as coaching in small groups, ranging from 3 – 6 participants.
Before the course starts, all participants take an online placement test to ascertain their level and to ensure homogeneous groups.

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What are your goals?
Improving your language skills? What for?

Professional goals

  • – Are you going on an overseas assignment or have you just achieved that longed-for promotion?
  • – Are you thinking of taking an exam to get a certificate?
  • – Do you want to improve your conversational aptitude or home in on your writing skills?
  • – Are you trying to gain a foothold in Switzerland or your company’s overseas branch?

There are thousands of reasons to learn a language.
Tell us yours.

Language diploma – Language certificate
As a service provider experienced in training language competency, we can optimally prepare you for all five Cambridge certificates in English, as well as the three Business English Certificates (BEC).
These are internationally recognized tests which certify your English skills in a corporate environment.
As part of our preparatory courses, we guide employees, in accordance with their respective levels, towards success in these examinations:

Group courses

Interactive training – Group dynamics

To achieve the best learning effect, we work with groups ranging from 3 to 6 participants. This ensures that the newly acquired language skills can be tried and tested immediately – you learn interactively and within a clear context.

Assignment to a group takes place on the basis of the placement test. By working with small, harmonious groups, taking care that participants have comparable skill levels, we can flexibly tailor the training to the needs of individuals within the group.

Prices Group Courses in-company


Get ahead fast
Optimal learning

One-on-one training enables you to structure your learning unconditionally, in accordance with your needs, independent of other participants.
In consultation with your trainer, a personal goal for the training is agreed on. This goal is used to select the course material, with your personal training needs as the only criteria. Your trainer can provide you with the necessary guidance to achieve your optimal learning experience.

Enjoy the full attention of the coach! One-on-one lessons are particularly suited when:

  • – your latest promotion necessitates quick learning
  • – your schedule demands maximum flexibility
  • – you have very little time before an overseas posting
  • – you are an efficient learner or want to improve existing language skills
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Examination preparation
Prepare yourself for success
in the examination

The importance of language qualifications in the corporate environment has drastically increased during the last few years.
At Minnaar van Wyk Personalized Language Services you can prepare intensively for all important, internationally recognized certificates, be it the TELC Language Tests or the Cambridge Certificates.

Our rate of success is almost 100%.

Why take a BEC examination?

Today, you need English more than ever in international trade. In international companies it is advantageous when you can prove your
competence in English. The Business English Certificates (BEC) of Cambridge ESOL determine and document your level of English and your
ability to use the language in a corporate environment.

Cambridge certificates
KETKey English Test(CEFR: A2)
PETPreliminary English Test(CEFR: B1)
FCEFirst Certificate in English(CEFR: B2)
CAECambridge Advanced Certificate(CEFR: C1)
CPECambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English(CEFR: C2)
BEC (Business English Certificate)
Preliminary(CEFR: B1)
Vantage(CEFR: B2)
Higher(CEFR: C1)

Language training and business English in Basel

What is business English?
Business English is not quite what you know from school. What they teach at school is colloquial English and not what you need in a corporate environment, in the course of your daily business. This is where business English comes into play.
In business English the vocabulary used and the grammar is different from colloquial English. You pay more attention to the word order and the choice of words. The style is quite different, similar to the difference between high German and dialects.

Likewise, business English uses different vocabulary which should be learned beforehand. Naturally you will pick up new terms and phrases of your business in the course of your career, but to avoid embarrassment in front of your colleagues and superiors, it is advisable to acquire the skills beforehand.

Why business English?
It is impossible to imagine a globally operating company today that does not use English as its corporate language. Simply because English is understood by so many people, it has become the lingua franca in the world. To protect yourself from unemployment you need to upskill your business English because many companies require business English as a prerequisite for many job advertisements.
When dealing with partners and senior managers from all over the world, you not only need a command of the language typical to your company, but also a general business English vocabulary.

It is recommended to attend some business English courses because seemingly simple words from general English can have different meanings in business English.

When you command business English orally and in writing, you will not have any difficulties in the labour market.

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