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Test your language skills in English,
French, Spanish or German.

It takes 20 minutes to establish your personal skills level and to choose the attendant course.

Placement testing

made easy

The CEFR placement test is not an examination but helps you to easily assess your skills level and find the attendant course.

Invest 20 minutes to establish your level and find an appropriate course for you.
Take the test for English, French, Spanish or German using the Cornelsen CEFR placement test.

For learners of German with little knowledge of the language there is a possibility to read the assignment instructions in English, Turkish and Russian.

The tests are based on the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR). The placement test enables us to offer you a course that meets your needs.

Appealing tasks enable you with only a few clicks to find out how you would cope in different situations.

Upon completion, a PDF file containing your result is automatically created. Please note your level and score, then send this information, with a copy of your PDF, to:

Help with the free placement test
How do I start the test?

Using the navigation bar, choose the language for which you want to take the placement test. Then decide which level best suits your current abilities.

If you want to learn German, there is a possibility for levels A1 and A2 to select the assignment instructions in English, Turkish or Russian. Simple select the appropriate link to the language of your choice.

To print your test result and produce a letter of recommendation for a course at a Volkshochschule or language school of your choice, we need your name and surname. You are asked to enter these at the beginning of the test.

This data is not permanently saved and merely enables us to provide you with your personal results.

CEFR placement tests
What kind of assignments can I expect?

The Cornelsen CEFR placement tests contains reading and listening exercises about daily situations. The interactive assignments allows you to quickly complete the test and keeps you motivated.

Before starting the test, please pay attention to the technical requirements and setting of your computer.

Level A1

Little or no knowledge of
the language.

Level A2

Basic knowledge of
the language. Understand basic sentences.

Level B1

Better command of
the language. Can deal with most
situations when travelling.

Level B2

Good command of the language.

Can deal with all situations when travelling.

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Excellent preparation by means of the free placement test

Is there a free placement test in Italian? Unfortunately, not. If you were interested in Italian, get in touch with us.

Free online placement test English? Yes, obviously. Choose one of the buttons on the right which you are interested in, i.e. want to take the online placement test. The test is absolutely free of charge, no need to register.

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