We proofread your English texts
and presentations expeditiously.

If you have to deliver a presentation, or write a business letter, an important email, an offer to a customer, or anything along these lines in a foreign language, you will feel more self-confident if a native speaker goes through your writing. This ensures it leaves a professional impression and is written without any mistakes.

Proofreading of your written presentation by professionals is a sensible investment to ensure success. Be it a new website, a flyer, master’s thesis or dissertation – our team will assist.

Uncertainties about the punctuation, capitalisation, the grammar in general, as well as the written form, expression and stylistic uncertainties – our team will fine tune your text.

Proofreading – What to look out for?

As a proof-reader in the Basel area your English texts are checked. Not only the correction of spelling mistakes is important. The grammar and, above all, the correct expressions are especially important. It is also important that the proofreading department works very fast. This is what you can expect from proofreading Basel. Everything is checked by proofreading Basel, be it longer texts or emails. E-books and business correspondence is also checked for accuracy by proofreading Basel.

The proofreading department is at your disposal at all times. Through proofreading Basel, you can create a much better impression with your business partner when your correspondence is understandable and, in addition, faultless. Naturally, you can determine the content and draft the letter in German at any time. When you Google translate your document and send it to proofreading Basel it is checked immediately. All that matters is that you receive a faultless letter and this is what proofreading department Basel does for you.

Our proofreading service:

  • – correction of word order and spelling
  • – use of appropriate vocabulary
  • – correction of wrongly translated idioms and “false friends”
  • – finishing touches to avoid stylistic errors
  • – application of an appropriate writing style
  • – work always done speedily and in consultation with you

Advantages of proofreading

Especially when you are working in an English-speaking environment, it is important that your letters are understandable. Your word order in the sentences and spelling will be corrected. In addition, suitable vocabulary is used by the proofreading department Basel. If expressions were used incorrectly, then these are corrected by proofreading Basel. Nowadays, many people are unsure about the capitalisation and punctuation rules in English. For this reason, the proofreading department is particularly useful.

When you are unsure about grammar points proofreading Basel should be consulted to change the texts accordingly. These are real professionals at the proofreading department and proofreading Basel who check and correct texts. Thanks to proofreading Basel you can be sure your texts are perfect and unambiguous. You will receive a finished text which can be sent off faster due to proofreading Basel.

What does proofreading entail?

Apart from the above mentioned, the proofreading department entails much more. You will delight in proofreading Basel’s finishing touches to your document. In addition, the proofreading department Basel retains your style of writing. In most cases internet translations are flawed for a very simple reason.

Many words are not used in English which can falsify texts. The proofreading department Basel will prevent just this. All assignments are competed within a few hours. When you set a deadline, proofreading department Basel will adhere to it.

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