Learning foreign languages: why with us?

The best premises to overcome your difficulties with languages.
Do you remember the teachers you never wanted to part from at school and the ones you would have preferred never to have met?
We take great care selecting our staff.

All trainers are CELTA certified, excellently qualified, highly motivated and friendly. We always strive to make your foreign language learning as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Our students have an above-average pass rate in examinations. Our pass rate is close to 100%.

It is all about you
There is no fixed curriculum with us. The professional and personal goals of the companies and people we work with are at the centre of our activities.

We train employees for their imminent overseas stint and prepare managers and executives before important presentations in front of an international audience. We prepare employees appropriately for language examinations; fine-tune the communication skills of your executive- and administrative staff in various foreign languages – always with their professional activity in mind.

This is achieved by mobilizing existing skills, carefully identified by means of individual placement testing. We take great care to analyse the learning goals and choose the appropriate teaching methods, strategies and techniques to ensure an optimal, learner-centred language training.

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