Prices Online group courses

Target language English, German, French, Spanish, Additional languages can be provided on request
Main focus Conversation, listening comprehension, written communication
Aim of the course Set in consultation with participants
Level of the course Established by means of an online placement test
Duration of course In accordance with your operational needs & learning goals
Beginning You choose! In accordance with the administrative and operational requirements in your department
Time Nach Absprache / wir nehmen Rücksicht auf Ihre Verwaltungs- und Produktionsabläufe
Location At your desk, in your company or at home
Material Provided in full
Lektion GesamtLektionen pro WocheKursdauerPreis pro LektionTotal
1025 WochenCHF 102.-CHF 1020.-
20210 WochenCHF 95CHF 1900.-
30215 WochenCHF 88CHF 2640.-
40220 WochenCHF 81CHF 3240.-
50225 WochenCHF 75CHF 3750.-

Feel free to book more or fewer lessons.
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